OkMalumKoolKat Reportedly Jailed For Sexual Assault

At a festival in Australia.

January 22, 2016

About to board the flight to Down Under for the Aussie Tour. Keep me in your prayers ✍🏾🌍🕊

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The Hobart Mercury reports that the South African rapper OkMalumKoolKat has been jailed for a month after he pleaded guilty to charges of sexually assaulted another artist at the MOFO festival in Australia.


According to The Mercury, OkMalumKoolKat was drunk and lost in his hotel around 5:30 a.m. He entered the room of a woman whose sliding door was left partially open, and she awoke to find him kissing and touching her. According to the prosecutor in the case, Rebecca Lancaster, OkMalumKoolKat also told the victim "don't make any noise."

The rapper was convicted of indecent assault and assault with indecent intent. Steven Chopping, who represented OkMalumKoolKat in court, said his client was "remorseful, ashamed and embarrassed."

"It was a gross invasion, a terrible invasion," Deputy Chief Magistrate Michael Daley declared as he handed down the sentence. "She was entitled to be [secure] without you mauling her like this."

Read the story here. A representative for OkMalumKoolKat did not immediately return a request for comment.

OkMalumKoolKat Reportedly Jailed For Sexual Assault