GoldLink Remixed Kelela’s “Rewind”

“It’s such a beautiful nod to the old-school remix.”

January 25, 2016

Kelela's music is popular for remixers: the singer recently shared an EP of Hallucinogen reworks, and last week, Kindness unveiled two more edits of Kelela's tunes. The latest remix comes from the rapper GoldLink. Annie Mac debuted his version of "Rewind" on BBC radio, dubbing it today's "Hottest Record In The World."


"It's everything that I wanted," Kelela told Mac in a short interview. "He's so smart. The remix so so smart. It's one of the smartest ones I've heard in a long time. And it's such a beautiful nod to the old-school remix, a true rework where you know all the parts but feel like they're being placed in a different context."

Kelela also provided an update on her album: "It's coming in the spring. I''m really excited; it's been a long journey of trying to make sure that the songs are good. I've been working with a lot of different producers and songwriters. As soon as you hear it, you should understand why the mixtape was a mixtape and why the EP was an EP."

Read the singer's FADER interview.

GoldLink Remixed Kelela’s “Rewind”