Listen To "Djula Dance" By Rising Senegalese Producer Ibaaku

Embrace cosmic waves with this sci-fi dance anthem.

January 25, 2016

Senegalese producer Ibaaku’s “Djula Dance” is a prime example of Afrofuturism as it stands today: an eclectic, electronic opus to a fantasy alien attack. What started as an accompanying soundtrack to Senegalese fashion designer Selly Raby Kane’s 2015 show became Ibaaku’s debut album, Alien Cartoon.

“When I started work on the Alien Cartoon fashion show and art performance, the 'Djula Dance' song was one of the first I composed," Ibaaku told The Fader in an email. "It really sums up Selly Raby Kane's vision for her collection: what would an African city invaded by aliens be like, how would its hybrid society be?”


The track begins by laying down a deep, almost dysphoric synth that grows into its thick, dancefloor-ready heartbeat. Dynamic swells of rhythm and distorted vocals and textures help paint a picture of an alien invasion as it picks up to a climax. “The rhythm I used is a hint at my Djola origins," he continues, referencing the community of people who call Casamance in Senegal their home. Ghanaian label Akwaaba Music will release Alien Cartoon on January 26. Check out the track and its video below.

Listen To "Djula Dance" By Rising Senegalese Producer Ibaaku