Rashad Stark Cooks Up A Potion With Fat Trel and Yuppie Lifestyle In “Wanna Ball 2”

Baby girl, I just need that new magic.

January 26, 2016

Rapper/producer, Rashad Stark craves for success in his thrilling new video, "Wanna Ball 2." As Stark goes on about his desire to ball, a mysterious figure mixes up potions in a kitchen illuminated by red lights. The obscure visuals for the track offer a unique portrayal of the magic that Stark raps about trying to tap into. The clip also features rappers Yuppie Lifestyle and Fat Trel and was filmed on location in Stark and Trel's hometown of Washington D.C.


Fat Trel said an in email to The FADER, "The beat was smooth and I was rocking with da vibe of the record. Didn't really know the video's direction but it turned out dope."

Enjoy the rap fairy tale above.