Lafawndah Drops Thumping New Track “Town Crier”

The Warp signee shares new music and talks civil disobedience.

January 27, 2016

Yasmine Dubois possesses quite the origin story. Her various guises include gallery curator in Mexico City, drummer for two separate musical projects and student at the Sorbonne. Lafawndah, her current incarnation, is proving to be no less remarkable than the others, carving out a niche that recalls the protest music of Nina Simone as much as it does the twisted beats of modernist bass maestros Night Slugs. The release of "Town Crier," the second single from her sophomore EP Tan is accompanied by typically unorthodox promotion: an interview with eminent political activist and Harvard professor Lawrence Lessig over at SPIN concerning the ‘politics of dissatisfaction’ that so vividly color the throbbing beats of "Town Crier."

The interview is a necessary read. Lafawndah prods Lessig on aspects of civil disobedience that are ever more pertinent thanks to recent displays of dissent worldwide. At one point Lafawndah poses the question: "What does civil disobedience require now that distinguishes our moment from the politics of the recent past?" Lessig aswers: "I think the urgency has become so critical. The problem is getting worse, more people are getting it, more people are seeing what the urgency is about and that creates more opportunity as people. They’ll see why it’s so critical and also increasingly see why there’s something we might be able to do." Check out the exchange in full over at SPIN.


Tan is released via Warp Records on February 5th.

Lafawndah Drops Thumping New Track “Town Crier”