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Hear A CDQ Version Of Lil Wayne’s 2006 Track “Cry Out (Amen)”

The track’s producer polishes the heartbreaking track.

January 28, 2016

The mid 00s were a special time Lil Wayne, who met his universal critical adoration and massive sales with an almost godlike work ethic, and produced dozens of tracks that would only exist as unfinished leaks, loosies, or remain secure in his vaults. “Cry Out (Amen)” was one such track, and although it's been floating around the internet for years, producer Streetrunner remastered the track to celebrate its tenth anniversary. The track is classic Wayne, eminently quotable and personal to a shocking degree. He exposes the death, heartache, and social frustration that both compel and weigh him down, giving each departed friend a brief and masterful detailing, bringing their snuffed-out personalities to tragic bloom. Both an extended obituary and a celebration of life, the song is guided in tone by a couple bars from the opening: “I hope you ain't too tired to cry / And I hope you know you ain't never too alive to die.”

Hear A CDQ Version Of Lil Wayne’s 2006 Track “Cry Out (Amen)”