Get Higher With Dreamers’ New Single “Drugs”

Listen to the Brooklyn indie-rock band new single off of upcoming EP, You Are Here.

January 28, 2016

Today, Brooklyn indie rockers Dreamers premiere “Drugs,” a new single off of their upcoming EP You Are Here, on The FADER.

The single speaks about the thrill and validation (most often online) that people are constantly searching for. Why do we do this? We do it because we're young, they conclude. And indeed, "Drugs" is definitely giving that drop top, hair blowing in the warm summer wind while the speakers blast type of vibe.


"'Drugs' is a song about how attached we are to our devices," Nick Wold of Dreamers told The FADER via email. "Our faces lost in phone screens, using apps, obsessing over social media, yearning for likes, followers, favorites, retweets, swipes, alerts, and consumed by the constant feeds of up to the second information. Often we get hooked and lose track of life in the moment, and of the natural world. It is the addiction of our generation."

Listen to "Drugs" below. You Are Here is set to be released under Fairfax Recording on Feb 5th.

Get Higher With Dreamers’ New Single “Drugs”