Adrian Daniel Sings For The Dedicated Lovers On “Devoted”

Why coul’n't you see that’I'd give up my life for you?

February 02, 2016

East Flatbush, Brooklyn native, Adrian Daniel sings about a selfless love on his latest song, "Devoted." At each peak in his falsetto, he makes unrequited dedication sound enchanting. He illustrates the haunting self-doubt and second guessing that happens when a love falls apart. Through the pangs of his frustrations with a past lover who comes around a little too late, Daniel admittedly identifies with emotional hardships but, also asserts his worth and refuses to take any steps backwards that might end in being unappreciated again.

Daniel said in an email to The FADER: "There are folks who's so messed up that they take every good gesture as a negative. Everything you do is never good enough because of some past stuff they never healed from pushing off their mistrust, anger, confusion even rage on the person they suppose to love then blaming you because he or she couldn't see all the beauty of what could have been."


Produced by Simen Solvang, "Devoted" is a single from Daniel's upcoming album, Disillusions. Listen to the song on iTunes on Feb. 5th and catch a live performance from Daniel on Feb. 20th in NYC at Mercury Lounge. Enjoy the song below.

Adrian Daniel Sings For The Dedicated Lovers On “Devoted”