KOTA Shares Second Single, “Rivers”

The Brooklyn rapper dreams of grass beneath his feet and sun on his shoulders.

February 02, 2016

Brooklyn's KOTA allows himself to slide deep into his conscience on "Rivers," the second track he has released in the slow approach towards the release of his as-yet untitled debut project.

"Rivers," which KOTA has called "one of the most transparent songs he has recorded to date," finds him indulging in fantasies of grass beneath his feet and sun beaming on his shoulders, runs along the coast and tucking himself away in the forest—escaping, basically. Got a lot of demons but I throw 'em to the wayside, he spits, slicing through the song's hazy, downcast production.


"I'm excited to take fans a little bit deeper on this single," he wrote in an email to The FADER. "I like to leave a cloud of of smog between myself and the music so there is a sense of ambiguity, but I'm growing. I can visualize what I want better and I want my fans to really understand where I'm at mentally."

Listen to "Rivers" below; KOTA's debut project should be out soon.

KOTA Shares Second Single, “Rivers”