Amrit Is Not Here For Your “Lies”

A perfect poppy breakup song for all of those anti-Valentines folks out there.

February 03, 2016

N.Y. DJ Amrit finds her voice on her new single "Lies." Although the uptempo beat sounds like it was dipped in bubblegum, Amrit's lyrics—Lies, don't waste your time, it will mean nothing.
It will mean nothing tonight
— lead us to believe it may be a breakup ballad in disguise. It is the perfect track for those of us heading into Valentine's day solo.

"It's kind of a statement to say, 'Why even bother lying to me, when I don't give a fuck either way,'" Amrit explained in an email to The Fader that described "Lies" as a declaration. "Most songs are like, 'Why are you lying to me, I love you.' The vibe of this ones more like, "Don't waste your time, I pray for nothing.'"


"Lies" was produced by Sene and is bound for Amrit's debut EP, which will be released in spring.

Amrit Is Not Here For Your “Lies”