Grimes Criticizes Male-Heavy Juno Awards Nominations

“I don’t expect recognition, but I believe there were qualified women besides myself for many categories.”

February 03, 2016

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In a series of since-deleted tweets spotted by exclaim, Grimes denounced yesterday's Juno Awards nominations for its heavy emphasis on male artists. "Women r kinda absent from the junos this year," she wrote. "No female noms for album, artist, engineer or producer of the year etc." "I can't help but feel that if women were equally rewarded for technical work they would feel inclined to participate more," she continued. "Example of sick female Canadian producers off the top of my head: wondagurl, Allie x, mozarts sister.. I know theres more but I'm sleepy."


See the tweets here, and read the FADER's interview with WondaGurl. A representative for Grimes was not immediately available for comment.

Grimes Criticizes Male-Heavy Juno Awards Nominations