Melbourne Duo Hoodlem Perfect The Breakup Track With “Kintsugi”

After more than a year of silence, the synth-pop act returns with a brooding new tune.

February 03, 2016

bruising time w/ @annemoff 📷🤕📷

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Since their 2014 FADER premiere and the release of their self-titled EP, we haven't heard new music from Melbourne-based duo Hoodlem for at least a year. They have returned with a deep, reverberating track, "Kintsugi," a slow moving number embellished with synth-work reminiscent of Jai Paul and grounded by a Flying Lotus-like bassline that wavers insurgently throughout.


The track's title is the name for the Japanese art of mending shattered pottery with a mixture of lacquer and precious metals, which is not dissimilar to how we all try to mend a broken heart; painting over the cracks. Channeling this idea in their work, Hoodlem delivers a piercing take on an irreparable relationship: You are a teacher and one cruel, cruel lesson / Tell everyone the wrong reason it's broken / Put it back together with paint that's golden.

Melbourne Duo Hoodlem Perfect The Breakup Track With “Kintsugi”