Nico & Vinz Return With “Our Love”

The Afro Norwegian duo behind “Am I Wrong” are looking to go back to back.

February 03, 2016

Nico & Vinz's 2014 single "Am I Wrong" catapulted the Afro-Norwegian duo onto the global stage, finding enormous success on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean and amongst listeners of all stripes. They are now looking to replicate that successes with their new single "Our Love," another vibrant and relentlessly upbeat (sonically and thematically) dance track, which premieres on The FADER today.


Of the adulterated lyric video that accompanies the song, the duo told The FADER that, "It's always been important for us to give the fans great visuals with our music. So in debuting our new single, we didn't want our fans to have to see the traditional scrolling lyric video on youtube. We wanted to create something the fans could really enjoy."

So go ahead, enjoy "Our Love" above.

Nico & Vinz Return With “Our Love”