9 Songs You Need In Your Life This Week

Tracks we love right now. In no particular order.

February 03, 2016

1. Rihanna's Anti is certainly polarizing, but there's something undeniable about "Higher," the stripped-down ballad that launched a thousand This whiskey got me feeling pretty tweets. It's her rawest, most pained vocal performance to date.

2. Drake's "Summer Sixteen," the first track from his long-time-coming Views From The 6, is a decent addition to Drake's catalog of catchy flex tracks. It finds the Boy taking swipes at Meek Mill—and possibly Tory Lanez, too—over a lucid, choppy beat.


3. Bobby Brackins' club-ready "Faithful" features a Paranoid-level catchy hook via Ty Dolla $ign and a beat by "Loyal"-producer Nic Nac. The subject matter's not that different, either.

4. On the guitar-studded "Glow," wise-beyond-his-years New Zealand songwriter Lontalius sees an ex-boyfriend in a new light: Your eyes still glow, he sings in his vulnerable, affecting croon.

5. "F Cancer (Boosie)," which pays tribute to Boosie's recent battle with kidney cancer, features Quavo, a beat from Mike-WiLL, and some memorable Young Thug couplets: You know I got bread like a croissant, son/ I get 'em stuck up for a honey bun.

6. Queens hardcore band Show Me The Body are on a bleak, noisy roll. "Body War" showcases the neck-breaking energy that anyone who circles New York's punk and hip-hop scenes will recognize from their volatile live shows.

7. Teen Suicide, the on-again-off-again cult band fronted by Sam Ray, are putting out a new album on Run For Cover, the great Boston label that reissued their debut full-length last year. First leak "Alex" is sort of noisy, sort of sad, and one of the better rock songs they've made yet.

8. Total Freedom mixed production from NON Records head honcho Chino Amobi with Calvin Harris' vanilla-flavored deep house mega-hit "How Deep Is Your Love." The result is a dark, downcast club track; the momentum-halting screams at 3:10 are particularly unfuckwithable.

9. "Work," ANTI's Drake-featuring first leak, might still be the only objectively radio-ready track on there. With a palpable dancehall influence and Rihanna's loose diction, it's also one of the sunniest.

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9 Songs You Need In Your Life This Week