MssingNo Releases New EP Fones On XL

The electronic alchemy of R&B and rave.

February 05, 2016

XL Recordings boasts a pedigree stable of artists: add to that MssingNo, the London-based producer who harnesses the pulsing heart of club culture and marries it to classic R&B vocal tracks. MssingNo's sophmore EP Fones drops on the major indie label today, following the Annie Mac premiere of featured song "Scope" on Radio 1 earlier this week. Currently, MssingNo is getting nods from all corners, including a production credit on the upcoming and highly anticipated new release from Katy B.

All four tracks that comprise Fones can be streamed or bought via XL and are also available on 12". Check out "Scope" below and head over to XL Recordings to listen to the EP in full.

MssingNo Releases New EP Fones On XL