L.A.’s Adult Books Premiere Bittersweet “Casual Wrecks”

The opening track off their upcoming album Running from the Blows.

February 08, 2016

Orange County-raised, L.A.-based group Adult Books are about to release their debut full length album, Running from the Blows, out March 4th via Lolipop Records/Burger Records. Today they're sharing the first track off the record, "Casual Wrecks," which sets up the record as a complex spin off of the punk surf rock scene—there's a distinct New Order era influence on this one, a pleasant surprise that gives the track a familiar melancholy.

"'Casual Wrecks' is sort of my attempt to make sense of and come to terms with failed young love," the band's Nick Winfrey told The FADER over email. "It's an acknowledgement and acceptance, but it's also kind of bittersweet. I tried to tell a story through a series of vignettes that maybe don't mean much on their own, but hopefully, when taken as a whole, shed some light on the insecurities and miscommunications that we all experience in our first relationships."

L.A.’s Adult Books Premiere Bittersweet “Casual Wrecks”