Dutch Party Premieres “Lost Boy” And A Dreamy Video for “Howl”

A double dose of sun-bleached pop.

February 08, 2016

L.A.'s Dutch Party have delivered a double dose of sun-bleached indie-pop to warm this mid-winter Monday. First up is a dreamy video for "Howl," their buzzy contribution to Kitsune’s America 4 compilation, premiering above. They have also shared a new track, "Lost Boy," which is something of a warmup while they begin work on their next full project.


The chipper song is simultaneously a homage to Peter Pan and a critique of technology's grip on modern society. It was conceived of during a cross country road trip and executed with help from a motley crew of sunset-adoring musicians in East L.A.

As Dutch Party frontman Ken Franklin recalled in an email to The FADER: "Driving cross country, in the gorgeous wastelands of south eastern Utah, I had the idea of making it a sort of pop tune with a groovy backbeat. Upon returning to Los Angeles, I linked up with drummer, Graham Spillman on his way to Baja. He was rejoining his former outfit, Joe Firstman and the Cordovas, for a festival in Mexico. It was our last day together, so there was a bit of tension, doing this song as a farewell. We planned on doing three songs that day, but called it after the drums for 'Lost Boy' were down in favor of buggering off, watching the sunset. I took the drum part home and recorded the rest there."

And after that, "Another EP fell into place," he also teased. Which means there is more like this coming soon—and hopefully sooner rather than later, to help thaw our chilly bones.

Dutch Party Premieres “Lost Boy” And A Dreamy Video for “Howl”