Lil B Shares “Born Poor” Video

“Let this progress us both.”

February 08, 2016

Lil B covers a lot of different topics on "Born Poor," including hair styling, population control, and the illusion that is the American Dream. On my brothers grave, I will never change, he raps. I'ma keep it real, that's all that I know. The song originally appear at the end of 2015 on the MC's Thugged Out Pissed Off tape, which contained more than 60 tracks.


The rapper released the clip for "Born Poor" today. In the video, he sweeps at Home Depot and washes cars. On YouTube, he wrote, "LET THIS PROGRESS US BOTH, I LOVE YOU."

Watch above, and revisit Lil B's FADER interview.

Lil B Shares “Born Poor” Video