Son Lux Premieres Stirring Music Video For “Undone”

Step into a world of contemplation and motion with this unsettling video.

February 08, 2016

This past June, electronic artist Son Lux released their fourth studio album Bones. It is a melange of unconventional structures and staccato beats, and although it is at times more difficulat to digest than previous collaborations with Lorde or Sufjan Stevens, Bones features a number of stand-out tracks like “Undone,” a haunting song that today gets a video to match.


Directed by David Terry Fine, the “Undone” music video follows a woman’s troubling journey through forests and corn fields. “The first time I heard this song I imagined someone frantically running, like an impossible escape from something they themselves knew to be inevitable," Fine told The FADER via email. "And yet they ran anyway."

This running is punctuated with emotional, gorgeous contemporary dance routines. The choreography and naturally lit cinematography complement the musical complexity—the high-energy drum rolls and fragile, layered vocals—of the track itself.

“It's the moment that potential energy becomes kinetic, an explosion deep within that has yet to breach the placid surface,” guitarist Rafiq Bhatia said of the song in an email to The FADER. Something’s coming but you don’t know what.

Watch the video above for compelling visuals, movement, and sound.

Son Lux Premieres Stirring Music Video For “Undone”