Watch White Wine’s Deranged “Where Is My Line” Video

What happens when you chuck a bunch of music video clichés into one.

February 09, 2016

Joe Haege—formerly of Menomena and Dodos—started White Wine as a solo project, but after writing two albums on his own he has asked friend, sound engineer, and classically trained bassoon player Fritz Brückner to accompany him. Joined also by a third member, drummer and guitarist Chistian "Kirmes" Kuhr, the expanded White Wine is now gearing up for the release of a new album Who Cares What The Laser Says?, out March 25 on This Charming Man Records.


"Where Is My Line" is the kind of song that doesn't hesitate. Its crazed drums, guitar noodlings, whoops, and boom booms are the work of musicians who know how to make off-kilter ideas into something that makes you feel good and strange at the same time. For the "Where Is My Line" video, filmed in Berlin, the group chucked every music video staple into one, with scrolling commentary. White Wine have a demented sense of humor. You can see it manifested in Haege's maniacal smile, the creepy masked dancers, the wild muskrats, and the awkward cowboy-hat adorned stranger who introduces us to "Where Is My Line" at the video's start.

"'Where is My Line' was the first song Fritz and I wrote together for the album, and it really helped define the aesthetic of it," Joe Haege told The FADER in an email. "And since the song is essentially about the sincerity/insincerity of the individual in a world of posturing amidst metric tons of information being dumped on each of us, we thought it would be fun to throw the every video cliché in the book into one video."

Photo Credit: Tristan Schulze

Watch White Wine’s Deranged “Where Is My Line” Video