Hodgy Beats Shares Three New “Lofi” Tracks

“Misundertood,” “Whogivesa” and “Theset”

February 10, 2016

3 new lofi tracks on the soundcloud tomorrow

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Hodgy Beats shared a few new songs on Soundcloud this evening, and gave three classic beats some new raps. “Misundertood” was previously laced by Lil Wayne, “Theset” jacks Harry Fraud's timeless “Shot Caller” instrumental and finally “Whogivesa,” produced by Knxwledge for Joey Bada$$ and Capital Steez, and still dripping with Madlib's influence.


These songs may not be the last you'll hear from Hodgy this week: he announced more is coming in an Instagram post “Friday 02/12 I will drop all of the songs in a sequence for you.” Listen to all three below.

Hodgy Beats Shares Three New “Lofi” Tracks