This Is What “Digi” And “On A Bean” Mean In Georgia

In the tenth episode of The Slang Show, Madeintyo introduces us to two of his favorite pieces of slang.

February 10, 2016

In his burgeoning career thus far, Madeintyo has established himself as having, to put it mildly, a way with words. On songs like last year's "I Want" and "Uber Everywhere," he creates new meaning out of old words and elevates cute ad-libs to the level of bona fide slang—so much so that his omnipresent skrt skrt wound up on the spineline of issue 101 of The FADER in emoji form. So when our favorite Tokyo-raised, Atlanta-based rapper made a recent trip to New York, it was only natural that he treated us to a bonus, two-round edition of The Slang Show. He broke down "digi" and "on a bean," two pieces of Georgia slang that mean that you're lit and/or on point, respectively.


Watch the tenth installment of The Slang Show to find out what "digi" and "on a bean" mean in Atlanta, and stay tuned to The FADER for more on your favorite artists' favorite colloquialisms.

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This Is What “Digi” And “On A Bean” Mean In Georgia