Alan Walker Premieres A Sweeping “Restrung” Version Of “Faded”

The Norway’s electronic star shakes things up on his nascent global hit.

February 11, 2016

Alan Walker has gained significant traction in his native Norway since the release of "Faded," a blue EDM track featuring female vocalist Iselin Solheim, which he first released last December. Now he's gunning for the world. Today on The FADER, Walker is premiering a "restrung" version of the track via the above video.


"I wanted to make an alternative version to highlight other aspects of the song; to present it to another audience who may like Iselins voice and the melodies, but can’t stand the electronic parts of it," Walker wrote in a note to The FADER, describing his decision to replace the glitchy breakdown with a sweeping strings section. "I’m greatly inspired by movie soundtrack producers such as Hans Zimmer, and because of this, I have always wanted to produce an orchestral version of my own. So, instead of making the typical remix, my team and I produced and arranged this version of the track."

In the accompanying video, Walker and Solheim perform "Faded (Restrung)"—he on the piano, she in the shadows—in a moodily lit soundstage. "This way," Alan said, "all the elements of the song are linked to each other and together they become a continuous story." Check it out above.

Alan Walker Premieres A Sweeping “Restrung” Version Of “Faded”