Arca And Shayne Oliver Share “Sick”

Part of their Wench project.

February 12, 2016

Arca And Hood By Air founder Shayne Oliver recently announced a new musical collaboration called Wench. According to an interview with DAZED, the pair originally recorded the album together in 2012 and 2013.

"It started out as a sexually deranged music project that had a lot to do with tension, sexual identity and how to feel like a man having sex with the feelings of a woman and a man," Oliver explained. "We have dozens of songs," Arca added. "Forty to fifty tracks. Shayne is doing vocals. It's a combination of chanting and singing and rap. There wasn't any conversation. It was completely spontaneous. Every single track comes from Shayne's first take. We just turned the microphone on and it was done."


The duo shared "Sick" today. The beat swells and retreats over and over for 2:25. The slightly manic vocals,which sound as if they were sung by someone who had just swallowed a mouthful of helium, have shades of Prince's alter ego Camille or Madlib's Quasimoto. Feverish laughs punctuate the track periodically: Repent repent, being with him is a sin/ Go if you wanna be with him/ You’re so thin/ Hahahaha!

Listen/download below, and read more about Wench here.

Arca And Shayne Oliver Share “Sick”