Trip Into Korea’s “Forest of Skyscrapers” With Neon Bunny’s New Video

The Seoul alt-pop artist’s new video was inspired by Arika and Wong Kar-wai.

February 12, 2016

A few years back, Neon Bunny caught some buzz with an infectious synth-pop EP Happy Ending, which was as good as any Scandipop released this decade. Since then, the Seoul-based independent artist has gone a lil weirder, first with last year’s lovelorn electro-ballad “It’s You,” and now with the hyper-saturated, full-throttle video for loungy new track “Forest of Skyscrapers.”


“It’s inspired by Japanese animation like Akira, and the movies of Wong Kar-wai,” Neon Bunny explained to The FADER over email. “But it’s the 2026 version of those movies, set in Seoul. It was the first time I made this kind of video…It seems more like a movie to me."

"Unlike the vivid image in K-pop, Korea's young generation is totally lost,” she said. “People call us the Sampo Generation—which means that we give up love, marriage and having kids in favor of earning money. Everything goes really fast in Seoul—when you wake up in the morning there's another building going up. But even if the pressures our generation face are tough, I think have to be in love."

Her new album is due out later this year. “Some of songs are really dark like this,” she says. “But some of the songs are bright like the moon."

Trip Into Korea’s “Forest of Skyscrapers” With Neon Bunny’s New Video