A Stockholm Label Is Going To Be Releasing Music As Sculptures

And first single, Celyn June’s “Teeth, Like Perfume,” sounds like how abstract art looks.

February 16, 2016

Swedish producer Celyn June's new track "Teeth, Like Perfume" is what an abstract painting sounds like. More specifically, it's what a Jackson Pollock painting might sound like. Waves of odd sounds cascade over your eardrums and, like any great piece of art, it will take a few times mulling it over to see how you really feel about it.

Taken from June's forthcoming Location EP, "Teeth, Like Perfume" is literally a collage of sounds. "This track consists of variations from a 'randomly' generated MSP patch, a bunch of forgotten samples from the web and a very personal field recording," June told The FADER via email. "It takes place in a feverish state where things and assumptions seems to connect in unexpected ways. A vague sensation of belonging, and possibly identification."


Stockholm label Worldwide International, or W-I for short, will release Celyn June's Location EP this spring via their own music medium, Relic.

"I’d had this idea for a while about building weird sculptures that also would act as music players with audio jacks, with the look of the sculpture being a visual representation of the music inside, but never really did anything with it," W-I's Oliver told The FADER about Relic over email. "Way later I noticed that because of how quick technology is advancing, mp3-players on Aliexpress (that include most of the technical parts I would need) had become cheap enough to turn this idea into a solution for the problem I was having, making it a viable option to vinyl and tapes. Each Relic release will have a different design and be a visual representation of the music, so this one will basically look like what the track below sounds like."

A Stockholm Label Is Going To Be Releasing Music As Sculptures