Danny! Is Clear-Eyed In New “Constellations” Video

The Questlove-anointed rapper and producer’s new project The Book Of Daniel is out February 29.

February 16, 2016

The Questlove-anointed rapper and producer Danny!'s "Constellations," off his upcoming project The Book Of Daniel, is a carefully considered and sonically smudged falling-out-of-love song. Swathed in sounds borrowed from jazz, vaporwave, and Outkast, Danny! ponders the possibility that the constellation—i.e. the girl, his partner—he is gazing upon is fabrication, but a splash of stars. I should of seen the signs, he sings, clear-eyed and seeing for the first time that the stars are misaligned.

"I woke up one day and realized we're all guilty of projecting what we want to believe onto people or things that aren't capable of being that, myself included," Danny! explained in a note to The FADER. "Just as we look to the sky and make stars out to be belts and arrows, we stay in shitty relationships or attach ourselves to people incapable of being there for us because we want something more to be there. But there isn't. There never is. It's fucked up and yet we still hurt ourselves over and over because sometimes, that hope is all we have to get us going."

Watch the video for Danny!'s "Constellations" above; his new project The Book Of Daniel is out on leap day, February 29.

Danny! Is Clear-Eyed In New “Constellations” Video