Sky Ferreira’s New Album Could Come Out This Summer

“When I feel like... I’m somewhat comfortable with it, that’s when the album ends.”

February 16, 2016

Sky Ferreira has been quiet since the release of her debut album in 2013. But according to a new interview with Dazed, she wants to release the follow-up this year.


"Before, in order to feel good about anything there had to be some kind of struggle, a painful way to get to it, otherwise I felt I didn't really deserve it," she tells Dazed. "I became a bit of a masochist in every single way." Her new record will be titled Masochism, and Mike Dean, recently known mostly for his work in hip-hop, served as an executive producer. Ariel Rechtshaid, who co-produced the first album, is is also involved in Masochism.

"I’m still in the thick of everything changing," the singer continues. "But change, like, sucks! It's good in the long run, but it's fucking weird and uncomfortable. When I feel like I've reached the point where I'm somewhat comfortable with it, that's when the album ends."

"When I was putting out Night Time, My Time, I had to fight against a lot of shit," she remembers. "I was set up for disappointment and I really fought that. What's different this time is I don't have to battle it out."

Read the whole story here. A representative for Ferreira was not immediately available for comment.

Sky Ferreira’s New Album Could Come Out This Summer