St. Vincent On Her New Line Of Guitars: “There’s Room For A Breast Or Two”

The singer/songwriter/shredder designed her own instruments with Ernie Ball.

February 16, 2016

"For me a guitar that is not too heavy is really important because I’m not a very big person," St. Vincent (Annie Clark) recently explained to Guitar World. "I can’t even play a Sixties Strat or Seventies Les Paul. I would need to travel with a chiropractor on tour in order to play those guitars... they render themselves impractical and unfunctional for a person like me because of their weight."


This was one of several common flaws in guitar design that Clark aimed to fix when she got the chance to team up with the Ernie Ball brand and craft her own line of instruments. "I was always finding when I was playing onstage and wearing various stage outfits the guitar would cut across one of the best features of the female body, which is your waist," Clark noted. "I carry my guitar pretty high so I had to make all of these costumes based on the fact that you wouldn’t be able to see if I had a waist or not. I wanted to make something that looked good and not just on a woman, but any person."

On Instagram she added, "I wanted to design a tool that would be ergonomic, lightweight, and sleek... There is room for a breast or two."

"I’m certainly glad to be a beacon for women," Clark continued, "and for anybody who likes music and my music. I’m glad that another guitar exists that is sympathetic to the female form. I’m glad that that exists and I hope that people will enjoy."

Read the whole interview here, and learn more about the instrument below.

St. Vincent On Her New Line Of Guitars: “There’s Room For A Breast Or Two”