Get In Your Feelings With MUNA’s New Track “Winterbreak”

The L.A.-based trio get over a love lost with a pretty pop song.

February 18, 2016

Today, MUNA premieres their new track "Winterbreak" on The FADER. The song's soothing beat and melodic vocals takes listeners on a sparkling winter wonderland trail as the L.A.-based trio wrangle with their post-breakup mixed feelings. Oh baby, I think we both know this is the love that we won't get right, sings lead vocalist Katie Gavin.

"This song is about a love that you can’t reconcile—wanting to make a home out of a person that has proved to you time and again that they are not a home; they are just a person," MUNA explained for The FADER via email. "It’s about retracing scars, negative patterns, all with the silent belief that moments of communion and understanding might justify months of misfiring and regret. We’re all just trying to get back to that 'first high' feeling—an honest endeavor, however futile."

Get In Your Feelings With MUNA’s New Track “Winterbreak”