Brooklyn Foursome Operator Premieres “Delia”

An intricate track inspired by electronic music pioneer Delia Derbyshire.

February 18, 2016

Brooklyn's Operator are DIY as hell. Their upcoming 7" Matérielmusik was recorded and produced at Gravesend Recordings in DIY venue Silent Barn by vocalist Dara Hirsch. Today, the band shares "Delia," an intricately composed song inspired by electronic pioneer Delia Derbyshire. "Delia" is different at every turn, and Hirsch's exquisite and delicate voice—though I'd bet she has the capacity to scream as well—both mirrors and offsets the synths and reverbs.

"'Delia' is a reference to electronic music pioneer Delia Derbyshire," Operator's Jared Hiller told The FADER over email. "The lyrics aren't particularly referential, but they are meant to invoke the sense of overcoming fear, of tackling a dreaded obstruction. I wrote most of the parts of this song and Dara helped piece it together and then we all kind of collaborated on the ending. I actually sing this one when we play it live, but Dara sings on the recording, which I think adds an ethereal tenderness to the track that I couldn't really convey on my own.”


The Matérielmusik single is out February 19 via New Professor Music. You can preorder it here.

Brooklyn Foursome Operator Premieres “Delia”