Chance The Rapper Talks Writing, Saran Wrap Facts on NPR

He actually knows a little bit about Saran wrap!

February 22, 2016

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A recent episode of NPR's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me featured a segment with Chance The Rapper record last August in Chicago's Millenium Park. We learned that Chance did a Michael Jackson impression at his kindergarten graduation, is thankful to his high school principal for the suspension that allowed him to record his first mixtape #10Day, and also a bit on how he writes.

“I think there’s a lot of premeditation, if you will, to making a rap, you know? You got to sit down, focus on your breathing, you want to do a good workout, push-ups, maybe sit-ups, play cards, think about your taxes, think about all the people that you’ve met in this life and possibly a past life, if you believe in that. And then you take off your socks and shoes, put a pencil between your toes and you start writing. And you’ve got a masterpiece.”

Chance also plays a multiple choice quiz game and faces a lot of questions about Saran wrap. It's charming! Read Chance's FADER cover story with The Social Experiment here and listen to him on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me below via Hot New Hip Hop.

Chance The Rapper Talks Writing, Saran Wrap Facts on NPR