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How To Get Rihanna’s “Work” Looks

Because you know you threw your best ‘90s fits away a long time ago.

February 22, 2016

As you maaaayyyy have heard, the "Work" video just dropped, and it contains some of Rihanna's most exciting outfits to date. They're not outwardly crazy or covetable, there are no brand names or obvious designer cache, but these looks will resonate heavy with anyone whose ever flipped longingly through a Delia's catalog. Refabricated denim skirts, backless strappy sequin tops, minimalist sandals—only Rihanna could make us regret throwing this kind of '90s ephemera away. But we do regret it—HARD. Here's how to begin clawing your way back.

How To Get Rihanna’s “Work” Looks