Air Max ‘97 Shares Remix Of Kelela’s “Rewind”

It’s imbued with a different kind of futuristic energy.

February 23, 2016

Based on his alias, Air Max '97 is unlikely to produce for fierce Adidas loyalist Kanye West anytime soon. Then again, getting booed at the actual Dodger Stadium didn't stop Ye from working with DJ Dodger Stadium on The Life Of Pablo, so who knows, right? It's certainly true that Air Max '97's music, the more gossamer, peppier cousin of grime's new wave, has already attracted the ear of similarly forward-thinking artists like Kelela, who got him to remix her Hallucinogen track “Rewind.”


Working with Kelela was something Air Max '97 hoped could happen, he tells The FADER. ”I've been a Kelela megafan since Bank Head and I've always dreamed of being able to hear her acapellas, let alone work with them...I think my excitement is palpable in the vibe of the remix.”

Air Max ‘97 Shares Remix Of Kelela’s “Rewind”