This Is What It's Like To Go To Nigeria With A Pop Star

The writer of The FADER’s Davido cover story talks about her trip to Nigeria, and what she has in common with one of the country’s biggest stars.

Photographer Travys Owen
February 23, 2016

For our new Global Issue, The FADER senior writer Rawiya Kameir made a 20-hour trip to Lagos to hang out with Davido, one of Nigeria’s preeminent pop stars. The resulting cover story story shows and tells a lot about her experience—she rides through traffic in a Porsche, attends an extravagant wedding reception, and visits Davido’s family homes. In the above video, she talks more about what it was like to spend time with Davido in Nigeria: the customs agent who let her lack of yellow fever vaccination slide, the fans who camp out outside his house, and how her opinion of African music has changed since her own childhood in Africa.


“I started thinking, ‘Oh, maybe Africa is way cooler than I thought it was growing up.’ Around the same time, Davido was having a similar experience,” she says. “That’s when he decided to drop R&B and hip-hop as his primary focus and start making African music. One of the reasons that I was really interested in doing this story was because of that. We are these people who are living between multiple worlds and multiple cultures.”

This Is What It's Like To Go To Nigeria With A Pop Star