Watch theMind’s Inspiring “Mercury Rising” Video

’e're allowed to dream though, right?

February 23, 2016

On "Mercury Rising," the dreamy solo debut single from theMIND begs the question: We're allowed to dream though, right?


The ascendent singer/rapper comes from a place where Whoever said sky was the limit wasn't living where I was living—a.k.a. Philly, a city "where you can barely see the stars at night, much less imagine yourself becoming one." And so, as he explained in a note to The FADER, "Through this music, I am changing my fate. I made ['Mercury Rising'] to inspire people to not only reach for the stars, but to fly among those stars."

Today he has shared a video for "Mercury Rising" that captures the song's stories and sentiments in stop animation. Directed by KidSuper (a.k.a. Colm Dillane) and executed entirely in a basement, it recreates the city streets he grew up on and the characters (his little sister who dreams of being an astronaut, the drug dealer who had set out to be a rock star) that inhabited them.

"The little girl in the video represents all of my sisters and the little boy represents me. We came from the impossible," he explained. "Regardless of how high the odds are stacked against us in life, we can build makeshift spaceships to escape our circumstances. We build our spaceships with our hopes and dreams. Just like the spaceship in the video, sometimes in life things fall apart. In these moments its our human relationships that will save us. When things come crashing down we have to remember: we are magic, and together, we can fly."

Watch theMind’s Inspiring “Mercury Rising” Video