Treat Your Senses To The Music Of Kate Simko & London Electronic Orchestra

“Waiting Games: Ambient Mix” is taken from the Chicago producer’s electronic/classical collaboration.

February 24, 2016

Having relocated to London a couple of years back, Chicago producer/composer Kate Simko founded the London Electronic Orchestra along with musicians from the Royal College of Music. The fruits of their collaboration—a marriage of instruments both classical and electronic—can be heard on their self-titled debut album, which includes "Waiting Games: Ambient Mix." Whereas the original has more of a dancefloor edge to it, this version is a master of sleight of hand—and a sensory listen to boot.

"This song was fun to write because it plays with the relationship and boundaries between orchestral instruments and electronics; one element turns into another without you realizing it," Simko told The FADER over email. "Baritone sax fits well because it cuts through rhythmically like a good synthesizer. The first time the song was performed the conductor told the sax player he didn’t need to play the part at the end if it was too crazy. I didn’t know why it was crazy! We’re still working together, and this song is a reminder that experimentation is a positive force."


UK label/pressing plant/publisher The Vinyl Factory will release Kate Simko & London Electronic Orchestra's self-titled debut album on May 6.

Treat Your Senses To The Music Of Kate Simko & London Electronic Orchestra