Katie McBride Gets Obsessive On “Everybody’s Here’

The Toronto singer-songwriter shares the first track from her forthcoming EP.

February 24, 2016

Subway station names are like a secret code for Torontonians. Dropped into casual conversation, they can telegraph everything from where you live, work, play—or whether you take public transport at all. Toronto singer-songwriter Katie McBride named her first EP, 2014's Castle Frank, for a station that sits on the top of ravine. There is no castle at Castle Frank Station but, depending on which direction you're moving, it's either the last stop in a wearying underground stretch of tracks, or a return to darkness.

McBride's new single, "Everybody's Here," is from a more cryptically titled forthcoming EP, 08251. It's a deliberate, breathless song that's built on the tinny echoes of a guitar riff, transmitting a similar feeling of coming in and out of the dark. "The song started with just that first guitar riff and I became a bit obsessed with it," she writes in an e-mail to The FADER. "It was one of the rare times that an idea seemed really important to me. I spent about two months developing the song, trying to find exactly the right sounds and parts so that I felt I had done the original idea justice. It was hard to let it go and call it done." Stream "Everybody's Here" below, and get 08251, co-produced by Arcade Fire and Austra collaborator Leon Taheny, when it drops March 8.

Katie McBride Gets Obsessive On “Everybody’s Here’