Florida Rapper Eddy Braveaux Soothes Your Trust Issues With “TBH?”

Be real wichyaself.

February 25, 2016

Honesty is rare, but one can never truly hide from the truth, especially when intoxication is involved. In his new song "TBH?," Eddy Braveaux of Jacksonville, FL. plays jack of all trades: producing, rapping, singing, recording, engineering, and artwork design. The song itself creates a perfect, mellow environment that encourages drunken confession and late-night spills—Be real wichyaself, he repeats—while still having a good time.

"So one night I was at the crib pourin' up and cookin' up some beats," he said in email to The Fader. "I was working on the beat that eventually turned out to be the 'TBH?' beat and got sucked into it to the point that I couldn't stop myself from writing to it. The song pokes fun at those corny-ass tbh posts that we used to do as jits but ultimately, it's about being honest with intentions from the get-go. It's me basically warning shordy that I'm here for the short run and encouraging others to be honest. Makes life much easier. Notice how the artwork is a right hand held up."

Florida Rapper Eddy Braveaux Soothes Your Trust Issues With “TBH?”