This Is What “Yaddadimean” Means In The Bay Area

In the 12th episode of The Slang Show, G-Eazy breaks down a pervasive idiom from his hometown.

February 26, 2016

Some slang ends up becoming officialized language; words like the Lil Wayne-invented "bling-bling" and the Destiny's Child-popularized "bootylicious," for example, have become such common parlance that they've earned space in the dictionary. But other slang spends its existence being bandied around casually—that's especially the case for words whose meaning can very from context to context. When G-Eazy stopped by The FADER's offices recently, he introduced us to one such adaptable word used frequently in his hometown. In the Bay Area, he explained, "yaddadimean" essentially means "you know what I mean?". It can very in length—"You can add on as many 'da-da-da-das' as you want if you're texting," says G-Eazy—and can be used to punctuate all kinds of sentiments and sentences.


Watch the 12th episode of The Slang Show above to find out what "yaddadimean" means in NorCal, and stay tuned to The FADER for more on your favorite artists' favorite colloquialisms.

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This Is What “Yaddadimean” Means In The Bay Area