James Franco And Tim O’Keefe Share “I Think That I Loved Him”

From their forthcoming collaborative album as Daddy.

March 01, 2016

We Are Daddy

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James Franco and Tim O'Keefe's joint project Daddy will release Let Me Get What I Want on March 18. Today the duo debuted "I Think That I Love Him." In an email with The FADER, O'Keefe called the track, "one of my favorite songs on the album." "It is one where I definitely took into consideration some Smiths' elements as I produced it," he added. "Right down to the sampled violin stabs that I remembered from many of the songs on Strangeways, Here We Come."


Franco suggested that there's a dark undertow beneath the gently strummed tune. "In high school cars enter the mix," he explained. "They grant freedom, they open the world, and they can cause death. They are a metaphor for the agency granted while growing up: great power that comes with great danger."

Pre-order the duo's album here. A limited vinyl version of the release—accompanied by a 16 page 10" color booklet that contains drawings by Franco—is up for pre-order here.

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James Franco And Tim O’Keefe Share “I Think That I Loved Him”