Toronto’s Adria Kain Premieres Funky “Kainthem”

For when you need a little reminder that you’ll make it through those rough days.

March 03, 2016

"Kainthem" is a funky new track by Toronto rapper and singer Adria Kain that will make you want to dance through your worst days. The song gives me that amazing feeling of making it through a really rough day, when all you can do it smile about it. This is the song of a champion who wins the battle she thought she might lose. "Kainthem" starts off slow and mellow but quickly builds to a bouncy bubbly pace, as Kain sings the triumphant chorus "I ain't bout that working for the man, nigga / That ain't in my plan, I don't think they understand."

After making it through a tough time, Kain entered 2016 with a reimagined sound and game plan. "I wanted to do something different enough to allow me to stand out in new ways," Kain told The FADER over e-mail. "Messing with peoples perspectives and making them assume something is one way then switching it up suddenly is the best way to grab attention. So I played with that musically and allowed myself to lyrically open up on things people can relate to."


"Kainthem," produced by Soulection's Monte Booker, is the lead single from Kain's new three-track EP Reverse Psychology, which drops later today.

Toronto’s Adria Kain Premieres Funky “Kainthem”