Norvis Junior Will Restore Your Faith In Love On His New Song “Believers”

“Baby take my hand and follow me,” the Las Vegas-based multi-instrumentalist sings.

March 03, 2016

Recently, I've noticed that my generation—typically, young twentysomethings at the precipice of adulthood—has, with increasing frequency, replaced the sentiment of love and human interaction with technology and premium Wi-Fi. The convenience of the internet bringing instant fulfillment to our fingertips has long eroded the patience necessary to build and believe in a relationship. I often wonder if all hope is lost. Today, though, my faith was reassured and restored by Dallas-born, Las Vegas-based singer Norvis Junior's new song "Believers."

Insightfully comforting and uncomplicated lyrics—trust me, faith and patience are key—drift across dissonant chords and jazz horns, creating a soul-touching milieu to lose yourself in. Junior controls every aspect of the song—from the production and singing to the recording and engineering—which allows him to paint a one-of-a-kind portrait: one that is as refreshing as it is unpredictable. His new album, Pyrrhic Victory Disc 03 drops tomorrow via Tape Club Records.


Listen to "Believers" below.

Norvis Junior Will Restore Your Faith In Love On His New Song “Believers”