Beach For Tiger Gets Dreamy On “Afternoons In Space”

A song that could turn your day around.

March 04, 2016

Beach For Tiger's new galactic track, "Afternoons In Space" is perfect for indulging in a midday quandary. The song is a slow burn—offering consistency and bracing sounds as the track builds. The five-man band takes their time with misty vocals which lead into a psychedelic jazzy trance.

The guys explained the inspiration behind the song to The FADER in an email, "We were listening to a lot of 70s disco at the time and we wanted a song that kept a groove from start to finish. It's about making plans that never happen."


Beach For Tiger's EP is set to debut later this month. Enjoy "Afternoons In Space" below.

Beach For Tiger Gets Dreamy On “Afternoons In Space”