Watch The First Episode Of Cam’ron’s New Web Series Giles Investigation

In the debut episode of this True Life-like show, the Dipset boss reconnects with a comedian he used to sell drugs to.

March 04, 2016

"I have so many characters in my life," says Cam'ron. In a new web series titled Giles Investigation, the Uptown legend will return to his old haunts and reconnect with some of these characters—more specifically, the folks he met during the late '90s and early 2000s when he was "allegedly," as he's quick to interject, selling drugs.


In episode 1, which was filmed in 2007, Cam meets up with a guy who goes by the name of Faceman. Face was a relatively successful comedian who had performed on Def Comedy Jam and BET's ComicView, and was a perplexing customer for Cam. "Face was just such a big celebrity where we came from, we couldn't understand why he was getting high," he told The FADER over the phone.

And so, for $30, Face lets Cam trail him for a couple of hours: on a crosstown errand and then back to Face's apartment, where he shows off his girlfriend and his pipe much to Cam's dismay. "It's all fun and games when we talk about it, but to actually see him smoke crack makes me sad," he says. The episode closes with Face performing break dance moves that earn him an extra few bucks but leave Cam in tears.

This first episode is an uncomfortable watch, but as he explained, Cam'ron intended it to be that way. "[Face] is a comedian, so it's automatically funny. And I want people to laugh, but I want people to get a message that this isn't something that you should be doing," he said. "You see what it does to your life? You might be breakdancing in the project hallway for $11. It's funny, but at the same time it's also sad because this is a real life situation. You should have mixed emotions."

Cam has one more episode of Giles Investigation banked (a follow-up with Face), and has begun pre-production on additional episodes; but he can't quite predict how the show will function going forward after that. "The people that I'm going to go see, we really don't know where they're at in life right now," he said. "These people could be walking on Wall Street right now for all we know. They might be like, 'Cam, why are you bringing this up?' They may even deny it. That's the beauty of this show."

Watch episode one of Giles Investigations above, and watch this space for future episodes.

Watch The First Episode Of Cam’ron’s New Web Series Giles Investigation