Explore A Cherry Blossom Fantasy With Mourning Coup In “Saturn Sakura”

The Vancouver-based musician shares her experimental music video made with 16mm film and hand painted stills.

March 07, 2016

Vancouver-based Chandra Melting Tallow is a visual artist, filmmaker, and musician of Siksika First Nation ancestry who makes experimental electro pop as Mourning Coup. Her layered synths and echoing vocals creates a chamber of noise that allows you to either drift into another world or brood within your subconscious. Last year she released her debut album Baby Blue, which was born from five years of navigating grief and chronic illness with spirituality and artistic exploration. Today she shares her video to “Saturn Sakura,” which was shot on 16mm film and hand-painted by the artist herself. The imagery lends itself to the astrological nature of the lyrics.


“During the time I wrote and recorded this song, Saturn was in Scorpio which encouraged bravery in investigating the darker aspects of our psyches to ultimately achieve psychic sovereignty," Tallow told to The FADER over email. "It was during the winter and I was reflecting on experiences I'd had the last cherry blossom season. A fear of love because of past trauma consumed me at the time and exploring these ideas gave me the courage to reconcile these experiences. Articulating love and pain as a simultaneous experience conceived the imagery of a psycho-spiritual war where the bloody sword of Saturn lay hidden in the blossoms.” Watch her take a fantastical trip to a cherry blossom covered Saturn in the video above.

Explore A Cherry Blossom Fantasy With Mourning Coup In “Saturn Sakura”