Caleb Steph Shares A Woodsy Video For “Clueless”

It’s a mother approved, psychological trip.

March 08, 2016

16-year-old rapper Caleb Steph strikes a pensive pose on his song "Clueless," as he figures out what's really going on in his life and who's surrounding him. Today, Steph shares a visual for the song which features him in a cabin, backed by aging wood and shadowy figures. As he explained over email to The FADER, it's "meant to give people an experience that takes them out of their reality briefly and give a familiar comfort."


Steph also said that the video's set was built in a YouTube production studio in New York from a house his team found in rural Pennsylvania. "My mom brought me and my two best friends to Google all the way from Virginia, and really didn't understand how serious things were until she saw it with her own eyes," he said. "She let us ditch school to come to New York. We shot on actual film and I've never seen so much equipment and technical stuff in my life."

Watch the impressive video from the newcomer above.

Caleb Steph Shares A Woodsy Video For “Clueless”