CAPYAC Embraces Movement In Their New Video For “SpeedRacer”

This will make you feel like dancing.

March 08, 2016


The Texas-based dance outfit CAPYAC is here with an insanely cool video for their song "Speedracer." It's crawling with limbs encapsulated in shiny body suits and making free movements all over the floors and walls of a blank space. As the duo jams out between flickers of light, the funky instrumental provides the perfect vibe for the mesmerizing figures to dance.

CAPYAC explained the video's inspiration to The FADER over email: "When we approached world famous director Ursula Barker to make a video for our song 'Speedracer', she was undeniably jazzed. Perhaps it was because we promised to pay her in freshly caught Halibut, or perhaps it was that we shared an aesthetic. No one can really be sure now."

Check it out above.

CAPYAC Embraces Movement In Their New Video For “SpeedRacer”