Diplo Discusses Historic Cuba Concert With Charlie Rose

“In place of diplomacy, there was melody.”

March 08, 2016

Over the weekend, Major Lazer performed a free show in Cuba, the first such event by an American group since the historically icy relationship between the U.S. and Cuba thawed last year. According to CBS, approximately 400,000 fans attended the show. (An alternate, looser assessment: “it seemed like every young person in Havana was there.”)


“I think it’s very important to create something new,” Diplo explained to Charlie Rose in an interview about the historic performance. “That’s why I first started to make music.” “It’s a special time right now,” he added. “For the radio, you have to have a revolutionary sound to get people’s attention… they’ve heard a lot of music. They’re waiting for something brand new, something chaotic and exciting.”

Speaking of brand new: the producer suggested he has more music on the way with Skrillex. “Before I came down to you, I was sitting on my computer editing some new songs for the Jack Ü project,” Diplo told Rose. “We want to put something out around Coachella.”

Later this month, President Obama and the Rolling Stones will also travel to Cuba (separately). Watch the interview below.

Diplo Discusses Historic Cuba Concert With Charlie Rose