Listen To Japanese Breakfast’s Dazzling “The Woman That Loves You”

Another gorgeous, gauzy standout from the Philly songwriter’s debut full-length.

March 08, 2016

Japanese Breakfast is the very good, vaguely shoegaze-y solo project of Little Big League's Michelle Zauner. All the tracks she's released from her debut full-length have been gut-wrenching, and the latest leak is no exception. "The Woman That Loves You" is a textured account of a relationship mid-crumble, hinged on zoned-out guitar ripples, sentimental synths, and a simply stated question: Don’t you think you should try to do as little harm as you can to the woman that loves you? It should really be a no-brainer, but in the context of this song—and the real-life romantic experiences Zauner's pulling from—it's somehow not.

"This song always reminds me of a scene in Wong Kar Wai's Happy Together," she told FADER over email. "A couple in a poisonous relationship are lost and stalled out on the side of the highway on their way to see the Iguazu waterfall. I wrote the song after I'd finally gotten the courage to leave behind a poisonous relationship of my own, one that resembled a stalled out car or a sinking ship." Japanese Breakfast's Pyschopomp is out April 1 via Yellow K Records.

Listen To Japanese Breakfast’s Dazzling “The Woman That Loves You”